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Ajedrez Revista. Magazine New in Chess 2015/5

8 fotos AJEDREZ REVISTA. MAGAZINE NEW IN CHESS 2015/5 (Coleccionismo Deportivo - Libros de Ajedrez)

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    The Club Player's Magazine


    Havana Good Time
    Cuba was and remains a chess country. Will it change?

    NIC’s Café
    Humpy Koneru vs the FIDE Ethics Commission. Walter Browne leaves Las Vegas. Diving Chess. Yoko Ono is back. Brigetta Sink (87) plays her 13,545th simultaneous game.

    Your Move
    Readers’ letters: Questioning Wesley So’s US citizenship. Men & women. A second solution? No coup in Ukraine.

    Carlsen Crashes
    Simen Agdestein’s brilliant report from Norway Chess with exclusive annotations by winner Topalov, Nakamura, Hammer (on beating Magnus) and Giri.

    Interview: Veselin Topalov
    “Younger guys like Giri, Caruana and Wei Yi not only have the energy but also the illusion and the motivation.”

    China or India: which of the two rises faster?

    “I go to bed at 4 a.m., almost all chess players do” and other memorable chess quotes.

    Jimmy Adams tells the tale of the sorcerer that inspired David Bronstein.

    Fabulous Finish
    Fabiano Caruana won Dortmund with a 5-game winning streak. He analyses his games against Kramnik and Nisipeanu, burying the Evans Gambit on the way.

    “They were still mopping up the blood when I came down for breakfast”. Nigel Short warns about jet lags and other dangers.

    Chess Pattern Recognition
    A NEW COLUMN on middlegame technique by acclaimed author IM Arthur van de Oudeweetering. He kicks off with the bishop sac on h6.

    Travels with Yu Yangyi
    Yet another young Chinese ace! Yu Yangi explains how he won the 50th Capablanca Memorial, gives a masterclass in attacking the Sicilian and tells how was robbed on a plane flight.

    Parimarjan’s Chess Gym
    Where do you start if you want to improve your endgame? Parimarjan Negi takes you by the hand.

    Having Fun in France
    Contributing editor Anish Giri, world number 6, continues to write instructive and entertaining game notes. In fact they are small lectures.

    Trump the Trompowsky!

    Sadler on Books
    Matthew Sadler reviews ‘Practical Chess Defence’ by Jacob Aagaard, ‘My Best Games’ by Savielly Tartakower and ‘Winning Chess Manoeuvres’ by Sarhan Guliev.

    Maximize Your Tactics
    Train your tactical skills with Russian expert Maxim Notkin.

    A Monument for Larsen
    Hans Ree on the Danish legend.

    An American Legend
    Jan Timman remembers Walter Browne (1949-2015).

    Just Checking
    What is Viktor Moskalenko’s greatest fear?

    Contributors to this issue
    Jimmy Adams, Simen Agdestein, Jeroen Bosch, Fabiano Caruana, Anish Giri, Jon Ludvig Hammer, Dylan McClain, Viktor Moskalenko, Hikaru Nakamura, Parimarjan Negi, Maxim Notkin, Arthur van de Oudeweetering, Hans Ree, Matthew Sadler, Nigel Short, Jan Timman, Veselin Topalov, Yu Yangyi, Jilin Zhang


    Pages 106

    New In Chess 2015





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