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The Southwest Inside Out: An Illustrated Guide to the Land and Its History by Thomas Wiewandt, Maur

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    illustrated book

    The Southwest Inside Out is a fact-packed and visually compelling guide to a region where awe-inspiring landscapes abound. Travel back through geologic time to see how the inexorable forces of nature have shaped the land and its inhabitants. Discover where earthly colors and textures come from, which volcanoes are potentially dangerous, what makes the Grand Canyon grand, and what draws millions of birds to the desert Southwest every year. An annotated list of more than one hundred parks, monuments, and scenic attractions is included.

    This is a very nice sojourn throughout the deserts of America, a backyard to many of us that we relatively little explore and don't know much about. The pages are generously covered with beautiful photos of the desert landscapes, life and ecosystems. Additionally there is provided many nuanced expositions on wildlife as well as the formations of many of the landscapes and structures seem among the Utah, Arizona, California and other state deserts. Interspersed are interesting archeological and national historical events that occurred in these regions. Overall an enjoyable informative book, also great for the coffee table.

    Gorgeous photos from every state in the Southwest.



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